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+ Content Writing

Client: Mybest, a products recommendation website based in Japan. They are currently working on their overseas expansion, and I am one of the main contributors to the US site. [Ongoing]

Deliverable: Writing product reviews and in-depth purchasing guides that help readers make informed decisions about buying products online. Topics are chosen based on what consumers are searching for and are written using SEO best practices. Articles cover anything that you can buy online from home goods to smartphone apps.

Outcome: "Jacqueline's turnaround is incredibly fast, and she's polite and cooperative. I also appreciate the quality of her writing--she has dashes of humor and a certain musicality to her language. Very happy to work with her."

+ Copyediting

Client: The Gap Year Girls, an organization that empowers young women to take an intentional gap year between high school and college in order to set themselves confidently on a path towards their ideal futures.

Deliverable: Editing the text of an online course in a way that not only appeals to Gen Z girls but also encapsulates founder Celeste's ethereal personality.

Outcome: "Jacqueline took a great job and put the magic in place to help make it phenomenal. We consider Jacqueline a part of our team now. She puts her magic on the work we give her, always with our voice and intention in mind."

+ Ghostwriting

Client: A prominent interior designer with a colorful personality and a quick wit.

Deliverable: A monthly editorial-style article to be published in a local online and print magazine. Articles covered a range of design-related topics including opinions on trends, design tips, and room highlights.

Outcome: "I'm beyond happy with Jackie and her work. I hired her to write a monthly article and she's been working with me for 10 months. She's attentive, a great communicator, an awesome writer, and was very mindful of deadlines. When I have another writing project she'll be the first one I reach out to. Jackie - you're the best!"