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Whenever I'm home, I make it a point to do a sunrise hike at least once. Oahu being a volcanic island, it's not hard to find an east-facing mountain from which to get a good view. Normally I'll choose the Lanikai pillboxes or the Makapu'u lighthouse trails since they're relatively fast and don't require missing out on too much sleep. During this little jaunt home, however, I was feeling up to a challenge, and with my sister and a few of our cousins did a harder trail that normally takes about three hours start to finish.

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On Nature.

When most people hear the word "camping," they probably think of tents in the forest, dirt underfoot, the smell of pine in the air. But to my family, camping is something a little different. The word gets passed around the house in the week preceding a calm, clear Saturday, normally no earlier than May and no later than September. Dad asks Mom for permission to whisk away her two daughters for a day and a night, to drive the hour and a half to the farthest point of the island from our home and set up camp on the wide, white sands of the North Shore. To us, camping means long hours swimming in the deep ocean chasing after sea turtles; afternoons with hand poles scouring tide pools for bait; falling asleep under dark, star-filled skies.

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Summer Vacation, Two Ways

When I arrived at my desk at school this morning,  I was greeted by a stack of papers detailing several of next week's events leading up to the end of term and the start of summer vacation. And while I'm not assigned to this school next week (and won't be in the country either way), it still got me thinking about this quintessential childhood experience and how it's actually very different here in Japan than what I'm familiar with. 

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