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Colors and Crowds: Fall in Kyoto

For most of my life, Fall was nothing more to me than an abstract concept, something that I saw on TV that probably happened somewhere but didn't affect me. September through November in the islands doesn't bring with it the vibrant colors and shorter days that it does elsewhere. Heck, the temperature hardly even changes. So it wasn't until I started college in Chicago that I really got to experience Fall

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Hiking Mt. Daisen

Guys, when a mountain's name literally means "Big Mountain," do yourself a favor and don't underestimate it. When the information center tells you it's going to take four and a half hours to complete a trail, don't laugh it off and insist that's the grandmas' pace. And when you see people coming down the mountain with full packs, hiking sticks, hats, gloves, and serious outerwear, don't just marvel to yourself about how the locals really go all out for everything. 

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