Sillhouette of a girl on a mountain at sunrise

Whenever I'm home, I make it a point to do a sunrise hike at least once. Oahu being a volcanic island, it's not hard to find an east-facing mountain from which to get a good view. Normally I'll choose the Lanikai pillboxes or the Makapu'u lighthouse trails since they're relatively fast and don't require missing out on too much sleep. During this little jaunt home, however, I was feeling up to a challenge, and with my sister and a few of our cousins did a harder trail that normally takes about three hours start to finish.

We were up by 3 and at the trailhead by 4. And it seems like we maybe underestimated ourselves or something since we reached the top a good half hour earlier than intended. So we waited. While it rained. And winded. And the sweat we had worked up dried. It was pretty miserable to be honest.

But man, was it worth it. 

There's a certain stillness in the early morning that just isn't found at any other time, and nothing encapsulates it better than the moment just before the sun first peaks out over the horizon. As we sat there waiting, it almost seemed like we'd climbed the mountain for nothing and that we were in for a disappointment. There was a blanket of clouds floating below us blowing up the valleys and over the ridge, the world was gray, and though technically part of the "magic hour," everything seemed rather bleak. But then, there it was. The orange of the sun began to reflect on the clouds hovering above the ocean, and the whole world held its breath. 

Sunrise over Oahu, Hawaii