'Ohana Means Family

A view of Honolulu from inside a car

Yes, I'm in Hawaii for the food. Yes, I'm here to go to the beach. Yes, I'm here because Hawaii is home. But mostly I'm here for my family. In fact, I was originally supposed to spend a bit more time in Japan, possibly even climb Mt. Fuji before coming down here in mid-August (if at all). I probably would have missed my sister, but it would have meant I wouldn't have to take off from work like I'm doing now and would have the chance to get to ~experience~ Japan a bit more. But sometimes you need to prioritize.

It turns out my family is going to be relocating out of state at the beginning of August. If it was really just about me coming home to get a bit of Hawaii time in, I could have still come back later and stayed with other family here. But what's the point of that? So instead, I'm here now so that we can all spend some time here home together before things change, and who knows what happens next.

Today I got to spend the day with my whole family together for the first time since I graduated and for the first time in Hawaii since two Christmases ago, just eating, shopping around, and riding in the Prius with me and my sister packed into the back seat. And I couldn't imagine a better welcome home.