I love airports

I'm currently sitting at the gate waiting to board at Kansai International Airport. It's my third time here so far this year, and I have to say, it never gets old. I may be in the minority, but I absolutely love being at the airport. 

Whether it's going on a trip or just going back to school, to me, being at the airport signifies an impending adventure. And until I'm at the airport, it doesn't feel real. Through making plans and packing and getting things in order to leave and timing my day to make my flight on time, I'm more focused on making sure everything is right and don't really have time to allow myself to get excited. But once I'm here, that's when I can relax, relinquish a bit of responsibility, and finally begin to look forward to what's next. And yes, check-in and security can be a drag, but I think that makes sitting down at the gate, Starbucks in hand that much sweeter. 

I could probably write more about the joys of people watching or the curation of regional specialties or how airports gave me a great platform to express my pride in being from Hawaii when I was a kid, and maybe I will later, but honestly I really just want to use my happy airport time to cut this short, rewatch Moana, and cry about how excited I am to go home.